Episode 10 - Graceful Grizzly Podcast

Ep #10 – Coronavirus, Perfect Burgers & Losing Your Faith

Mar 17, 2020 | Episodes


In the midst of all the craziness this week, Mauricio and Tyler got together for the 10th episode of the Graceful Grizzly Podcast. The dudes talked about the perfect burger, the difference between where they grew up and where they live now, and we got a peak at how they first met. And of course, a deeper dive took place where they discuss losing your faith, something many people face at some point in their lives. Do not miss this epic episode.

Nightly News

  • Archery Dodgeball Is the Rec-League Sport You Should Be Playing
  • Someone Built A Drone That Looks like Snoopy Flying Around On His Doghouse
  • Washington state ‘road hazard’ turns out to be lost 600-pound sea lion, sheriff says

Quick Questions

  • Compare where you grew up to where you live now – submitted by Mike K.
  • How did you guys meet? – Submitted by several Instagram followers
  • What’s your favorite thing to cook?
  • What Marvel movie best describes you?
  • Righteous Reviews: Build your perfect burger – Submitted by Erica

Deeper Dive

What to do when you doubt your faith

  • https://www.insidehook.com/daily_brief/sports/archery-dodgeball-fitness
  • https://odditymall.com/snoopy-doghouse-drone#
  • https://www.foxnews.com/us/washington-state-lost-sea-lion

Intro Music Credit

Intro Music, “Little Ashes” by Atlas Arrows, Remixed by Pat Linehan - Free Download